Thursday, 14 October 2010

Still in the news

Today, the Commonwealth games 2010, comes an end and with it ends all the speculation and criticism that came our (India's) way over the CWG scandal. Lets just hope our dreamy logo (and the rest of the work we've done as well as the amazing effort by our promising young athletes) live on in our memories for a long time. Idiom is still in the news for the work we've done for the games. A few more clippings from a few newspapers are given below.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Theatre Alive!

In Bangalore, the name 'Ranga Shankara' is synonymous with theatre and the performing arts. The most affordable theatre space in India today, Ranga Shankara is dedicated to showcasing theatrical performances from India and abroad, to producing and commissioning new and innovative theatre forms and productions, and facilitating outreach programmes to build audiences for theatre and to impart theatre skills. So when they asked us to work on their 2010 theatre festival, we were really excited. The festival starts on the 22nd of October and ends on the 1st of November. This year, the theme is 'Folk and Classical Theatre' with the tag line 'Theatre alive!'. 

Arundhati Nag, renowned theatre personality and National award winner and also one of the people that heads Ranga Shankara, asked us to create something memorable and unforgettable for this year's theatre festival. So, under Sonia's guidance, and with help from the Ranga Shankara team, the team at Idiom created some unforgettable characters for each form of theatre that will be featured in this year's theatre festival. 

The Press conference announcing the Theatre festival was held on the 7th of October. Everyone loved our beloved characters. We were told that nearly every one wanted to take photographs with them. The following day, we brought the characters back home to Idiom, to shoot a few commercials and the masks had the same effect. Everyone in the office was busy taking photographs with these masks.

We kick off our events on the 12th of September and we're also planning to have a banner painting event in Cubbon park, Bangalore on the 16th. We're looking forward to this Theatre festival as this was one of the most fun projects that we have ever worked on. So, we hope to see you at Ranga Shankara between the 22nd and the 1st. Keep  watching this space for more on the Theatre festival and there will be an article soon on the different Characters that we have created. Lets all make a joint effort and help Ranga Shankara and Idiom bring Theatre Alive!

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

CWG logo a hit among Games enthusiasts

Found this on the internet:

New Delhi, Oct 5: As Delhi plays host to the 19th Commonwealth Games, the Games logo is fast becoming a fad for the city and its people as it can be spotted on mugs, T-shirts, caps, bags, key chains and various other merchandise.

The design of the logo, comprising of a chakra spiralling upwards, is a creation of Bangalore-based private firm 'Idiom'.

'The Commonwealth Games needed an Indian identity with a universal appeal. The chakra on the Games logo is all about Indian ethos,' Sonia Manchanda, principal designer of Idiom, told IANS.

The firm began working on the design as early as 2007.

'The logo, chakra, is the symbol of freedom, unity and power. As it spirals upwards, it depicts the growth of India with a billion people coming together for such a mega event,' Manchanda said.

The designers have also incorporated traditional pictogram and sanjhi art.

'We chose Sanjhi because it is an indigenous art form that can be used to tell stories,' said Manchanda.

Delhiites are seen thronging the CWG Organising Committee's outlets to buy the merchandise.

'The colour scheme and design are ethnic with a tint of modernity. I bought a CWG mug and T-shirt. It has a unique appeal,' said Dhriti Gupta, 18, student of Delhi University.

The palette of the logo includes hues of purple, green and pink, giving a vibrant look to the Games.

Source: Sify News

You can view he original article here 

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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Self Belief - The Commonwealth Games 2010

The logo of the 19th Commonwealth Games was launched in Jan 2008. It had to understand where India was going and sentiments of the future. We predicted an India in 2010 that would have huge amounts of self belief! The logo depicts an India and an Indian who wants to reach higher, who no longer wants to be restrained but has the confidence to reach his/her full potential.

The games and the design of the games logo has been an opportunity to explore the Indian Idiom of design and to create a legacy. In the future, whenever the games are discussed or the 19th Commonwealth Games are discussed, the logo will be used as the representation and it best represents our times. Where, we each want to do our part to make the nation reach higher and achieve its 'true destiny' (as Rabindranath Tagore puts it). Which is why the chakra and the nation have been the staring point and the individual is the dynamic force or the creation.

Which is why perhaps, the logo gets us at an emotional and a visceral level, even if we don't fully understand the meaning. So, you've seen all the channels playing with this complex and yet simple design, each in their own personal manner. Glorifying it equally, even when they mean to be negative and equally when they mean to be positive.

The Logo and the Look together with all the elements magically represents the youthful spirit of the nation. Celebratory and joyful even when playing hard.

The 'glory moment' or atleast my most, everyone's most unforgettable moment at the opening ceremony was when the Indian team came on. The 60,000 strong crowd stood up, each one of us and cheered the Indian team as one, non stop and they responded by being not serious and determined, but confident and totally 'mast'... dancing, being unruly, having a blast! We can safely say that India is ready to 'Come out and play, confidently'. And the design represents that Indian spirit!


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Idiom in the news

Ever since the Commonwealth games have started, Idiom has been in the news for the work that we've done for the games. Our team (in Delhi and in Bangalore) are still working for the Commonwealth Games 2010. The work we've done is extensive and great looking. You can view some of the articles below:

DELHI TIMES - 3rd OCT 2010
We have added a few more images on Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. Please check the last post for links to these albums.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Commonwealth games - look and Design

As you all know, the agency responsible for the look and design for the Commonwealth games 2010 is Idiom. We have done extensive work for the games. It has been a great journey and we hope and pray for the games to be a grand success. You can check out some of the work we've done below: (please follow the links)

  1. Images of the work we've done
    2. Slide share (presentations that take you through the journey that we've been through for the CWG
    3. You can also follow us on Twitter:
    4. Fan us on Facebook:!/pages/Idiom-Design-and-Consulting/117724221617870?v=wall

 Designing the look for the Commonwealth games was quite a rush and we hope we can do something like this again, in the near future.

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