Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Self Belief - The Commonwealth Games 2010

The logo of the 19th Commonwealth Games was launched in Jan 2008. It had to understand where India was going and sentiments of the future. We predicted an India in 2010 that would have huge amounts of self belief! The logo depicts an India and an Indian who wants to reach higher, who no longer wants to be restrained but has the confidence to reach his/her full potential.

The games and the design of the games logo has been an opportunity to explore the Indian Idiom of design and to create a legacy. In the future, whenever the games are discussed or the 19th Commonwealth Games are discussed, the logo will be used as the representation and it best represents our times. Where, we each want to do our part to make the nation reach higher and achieve its 'true destiny' (as Rabindranath Tagore puts it). Which is why the chakra and the nation have been the staring point and the individual is the dynamic force or the creation.

Which is why perhaps, the logo gets us at an emotional and a visceral level, even if we don't fully understand the meaning. So, you've seen all the channels playing with this complex and yet simple design, each in their own personal manner. Glorifying it equally, even when they mean to be negative and equally when they mean to be positive.

The Logo and the Look together with all the elements magically represents the youthful spirit of the nation. Celebratory and joyful even when playing hard.

The 'glory moment' or atleast my most, everyone's most unforgettable moment at the opening ceremony was when the Indian team came on. The 60,000 strong crowd stood up, each one of us and cheered the Indian team as one, non stop and they responded by being not serious and determined, but confident and totally 'mast'... dancing, being unruly, having a blast! We can safely say that India is ready to 'Come out and play, confidently'. And the design represents that Indian spirit!


-Posted By Sonia

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