Monday, 4 July 2011


The Idiom Team  are in Manipal to conduct a workshop with the Medical faculty and students to refurbish the Museum of Anatomy and Pathology.  The Museum and Labs house the best and most amazing range of specimens (the best In Asia it seems!) but the look and feel is outdated and the medical students hardly use the facility. The workshop is to glean outcomes to change the under-usage and to create a sharp and iconic identity. (How about MAP – the acronym for Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, which could also imply ‘mapping’ of the body)! J

The workshop, so far, has been  very animated – lots of debates, discussions and ideas have poured through.
We had fun nominating people from both teams to fulfil various roles and so we have a Specimen Expert (The Speci-Man), the Content Expert (The Encyclops) and so on!
The faculty and students have created wish lists and we at idiom are looking forward to working these into our designs as far as possible.

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